From the Desk of the Head

I have the pleasure to introduce to you the importance and functioning of the Department of Chemistry of KSKV Kachchh University at brief. Almost all academic quarters know the vastness of the field of Chemical Sciences. This department is practically a decade old but it has encompassed many chemical subjects like Organic, Inorganic, Physical, Industrial, Analytical, Bioorganic, Pharmaceutical, Nano technology etc. All these subjects are interrelated and have their own importance. We would like our students the progress made in these subjects across the globe.

Many of the sophisticated instruments have been installed in the department which will give our students necessary exposure to these techniques. Our staff is well prepared for this. Students are given basic knowledge in different fields of Chemistry both theoretical and practical as well.

Various interactive programmes are organized for the students. Experts in different specialties are invited for the benefit of the students.

Dr Girin A.Baxi

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