Department of Earth and Environment Science

Humankind†has always been curious about the planet Earth and its resources. In view of the same the Department of Earth and Environmental Science was established in the year 2008 offering Mastersí and Doctoral Degrees in Geology and Environmental Science. The Department focuses on understanding solid Earth processes and from exploring regional to global environmental issues to achieve a more sustainable existence on Earth. The Departmentís systems-based approach integrates the Students to explore how tectonics, natural climate variability and human activities affect the Earth and its inhabitants on multiple time scales.

Apart from teaching, the faculty members undertake several sponsored research programmes and consultative assignments. All the core, elective and interdisciplinary courses included in the mastersí programs have been specifically designed as per UGC guidelines and tend to meet industry standards and research requirements. The close links of the Department with the industry and research organizations has worked towards elevating the level and quality of studies. The Department also motivates the students towards building better social and moral characters.

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